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What is NoCode?

12:32, April 02, 2023Share: Twitter, Reddit, HackerNews
NoCode can create web apps, mobile apps, websites, etc. without writing code. It is an approach used to create a variety of digital products such as NoCode can be done with many different tools and platforms and allows even people with no coding knowledge to build their products.

The benefits of NoCode are:

The things you can do with NoCode are endless, but some examples might include:

How to learn NoCode product development?
1 platforms teach how to make Nocode products. Makerpad.co
Makerpad is a community and education platform for NoCode developers and entrepreneurs. On this platform, you can create products and projects using different NoCode tools and connect with other NoCode developers and entrepreneurs in this regard.

Makerpad provides examples of real-world projects created using different NoCode tools, and tutorial videos that show how these projects are done. This makes it very easy to learn and use various NoCode tools.

In addition, Makerpad offers a community that allows its members to connect and work together. In this community, you can work together on different projects, get feedback and connect with other NoCode developers and entrepreneurs.

Makerpad provides access to many different NoCode tools. These tools include Airtable, Zapier, Webflow, Bubble, Adalo, Notion, Glide, and many more popular NoCode tools.

Makerpad is a handy resource and community platform for NoCode developers and entrepreneurs. It offers learning and collaboration opportunities for those who want to create real-world projects using different NoCode tools.

Platforms to promote your product with NoCode:

Platforms where you can sell your NoCode product:
The following websites are platforms where people who make digital products can sell their products or buy new products.

NoCode Story
You can be a guest of NoCode Exits to share the story of the NoCode products you sell.

It is a newsletter that has more than 5800 subscribers and tells the sales stories of products made with NoCode in each section. Its founder is Katt Risen. Shee lives in Leuven, Belgium. She is an entrepreneurial woman who develops small startups on her own. She shares about NoCode on Twitter.

What is Low-Code?

Low code is an approach that aims to minimize the need for coding in the software development process. In this approach, developers can develop applications using visual tools without the need for coding skills. Low code is used in many different types of applications such as automation of business processes, business applications, websites, mobile applications, and even artificial intelligence applications. Low code speeds up the software development process while helping to reduce costs and complexity.

What is Low-Code Application Development?

Free app development software without coding is available. Or you can create a free app maker without coding using some more code in no-code app development platforms. For example, you can do Zapier Google Sheets to Airtable with no code.

Best Low Code No Code Platforms?

There are tools such as free app maker without coding in the best no code platforms. Here are no code low code platforms:

NoCode Examples

You are a news reporter and you need to share the articles you shared on LinkedIn on Twitter. For example, there is a reporter named Luke Runyon. For example, he can also use Zapier. You can only construct how you can repeat repeatable things, or rather how you can automate them.

We can give another example. You are a Twitch streamer. Let's take Brian Kibler as an example. He plays more Hearthstone games. Quite nice. But let's imagine something he repeats over and over. Let's say you have a Discord server. You can use IFTTT to automatically share it on the Discord server when it starts broadcasting on Twitch.

Many examples can be given on this subject. Simple things can be done as well as complex things. Until now, I have always given an example of automation. But it is not limited to this.

Let's give another example. You work in Gmail or Hotmail. OK, that was very general. Let's take a slightly more specific example. When I searched for a company related to email security, I saw Tessian company. Let's imagine you work there. There, you can parse some of the emails you receive and send an email back accordingly if some words are included. With Zapier, this is possible. Isn't it awesome? Sabrina Castiglione or Opeyemi Ahmed works there. They can also do this automation.

Let's continue with the examples. You are a businessman or businesswoman. For example your Christine Edwards. You can make a website yourself or you can create a website in a short time with WordPress or Webflow. Although, now you even make websites with artificial intelligence. These are all examples of nocode. But I want to give even more different examples.

A brand new example. You want to make your own app. For example, you are a journalist. For example, you work at the New York Post. The person named Jason Diamond is also in the profile I mentioned. I found him on Twitter by typing in the search ("Writer" in The New Yorker). It says so in his biography. Mr. If Diamond wants to make an app about wanting to list articles by newspaper columnists, he can use Bubble.com for that. You have to think about it a little. For this, you can get support from ChatGPT or create a roadmap.

I will write one last example and then end the article. Let's find a random person by searching Twitter as in the previous example. This time, let's create a scenario of a teacher. To find a real teacher, I searched Twitter again ("our grad students" "dr") and chose someone at random. Dr. Lindsay Hoffman is a teacher. At least I think so. You can get results by putting some data of your students into Excel and processing them automatically. There may be things that even you are not aware of. For example, you can measure the difficulty of the homework and have it checked whether you understand the topics. You can support this with formulas in Excel. Zapier and forms can be used to add the data to that Excel.

As a result, a lot of things can be done with nocode. It just takes some thinking and research.
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