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Papyrus is an anonymous note-taking tool for SEO. (About => Translate)



Suggestion Algorithm:
If you use 3 @ signs side by side in the text. Your post is open for suggestions. So it comes out of anonymity. On the other hand, if you do not use it, your article is not recommended. Your post will remain anonymous.

An article with open suggestions contains 2 suggestions. Right and left. If someone chooses the right suggestion, +1 is written to the point of the right suggestion and -1 is added to the left point. This makes it easier for visitors to discover other articles. Because it recommends the most clicked posts by others.

Benefits of the Suggestion Algorithm:
If you are a blog owner, you can direct new visitors to your website if you open your article to suggestions and share it on Papyrus.day. You can get a new traffic source.

Papyrus API:
Take advantage of very simple API features.

Papyrus supports markdown.

Why is it called Papyrus?
Before paper, writings were written on papyrus. Because it's related to the article.

Why is there a hieroglyph in the logo?
Papyrus was used in ancient Egypt. The logo features the engraving of the ancient Egyptian god of writing, Thoth, on stone. This image was not created on a computer. There really is such a process.
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